Christians Reject the USA

Christians reject the USA – PLEASE, watch this video – Donald Trump’s Bible

Dear Christian, no matter how you spin your political, societal, spiritual, or worldview – we failed God. We failed to preserve and protect the gift God bestowed upon us the #USA
We have dealt our children and grandchildren a losing hand, save the Grace and Mercy of God swoops upon them.
I truly believe that #PresidentTrump was our opportunity, gifted to us by God, to redeem our nation. Christians, instead, were content with griping about politics at home, church, school, and on the job. Empty words with no actionable and desirous outcomes.
Shame be upon us for slapping God in the face and handing back to Him the precious gift called the USA. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is still in the Bible

Donald Trump’s Bible

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