IFB and Divorce

IFB and Divorce – I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is worthy of brief attention.

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The post at https://brucegerencser.net/2015/03/cindy-schaap-daughter-of-jack-hyles-divorces-convicted-felon-jack-schaap/ mentions the IFB and divorce. Although the author claims atheism, one of his statements allow for the necessary chastisement of the IFB.

“What interests me is how her divorce will be “explained” within the Kingdom of Jack Hyles and the broader IFB church movement.” Bruce Gerencser

Who cares what the “Kingdom of Jack Hyles” thinks or explains? Who cares about the IFB movement. In there lies the problem, the IFB “movement,” whatever that is. Many, many in the Baptist church have no clue what the Bible teaches about divorce and putting away.

Furthermore, Baptists and the restoration of a saint are seemingly unrelated topics. Galatians 6:1 is a foreign subject to most Baptists, and I am a Baptist. Many many years of watching some of the foolish constructs that are implemented in a Baptist church is more than sickening.

Divorce, the one thing that the arrogant and haughty church member will hold over your head as the all-encompassing reason for holding you back spiritually. Furthermore, there is no scripture to support their spiritually felonious teaching.

Wow, you have a divorced Sunday school teacher, junior church worker, deacon, bus driver, secretary, song leader, Pastor! Who cares? Just the one who sins differently than the next person in their flock, but will focus on the list of  Baptist pet peeves. By the way, is divorce sin?

It’s a shame what I was taught in church about divorce as a boy and young man. It’s a shame how I treated people who were divorced because of the erroneous doctrine crammed down my throat. Now, as a divorced man, “the chickens have come to roost.” Now, nearing 20 years, Christians can’t get over it.

Suggestion — rightly divide God’s Word. On a personal note, don’t criticize me for my divorce and give yourself a free pass on all your indiscretions. If God can restore you and allow you to continue to serve in whatever capacity, so then me as well.

Good reading: Divorce Schaap


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