NKJV the Counterfeit & Deceiver

NKJV the Counterfeit & Deceiver: I was told a long time to preach/ teach my burdens. One of my deep convictions and burdens is the use of the KJV. Let me say, it doesn’t need my protection for it can stand on its own. It can defend itself with imbibed power promised by God. It is preserved and doing work without my minuscule attempt to take a stand.

I often wonder how Christian schools and churches have any power to do the work of God when they refuse to have a foundation built upon the Word of God. Yes, the KJV is the Word of God. I consider other versions no more than a resource book found in the local library.

I have been in church long enough to see the power brought forth and available to churches and schools using the KJV. My Spirit bears witness with adults, teens, and children where the Word of God (KJV) is used and there is, indeed, a barrier where the Word of God (KJV) isn’t used. I, also, see the deadness in churches and schools that do not use the Word of God (KJV).

Don’t sit back and tell me that I need to be a Greek and Hebrew scholar to make claims as I do. BTW, be wary of those who carry the tag scholar or theologian. The job of the Holy Spirit is to teach, and He can do so with the well-educated and for those with little education. This is all without confusion.

The purpose of this blog today is to introduce the nkjv as an imposter.

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

NKJV — Counterfeit

As the Lord leads, I will hit this subject again.




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