Brief Intro to Don

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Senior Level Christian Educator and Pastoral Candidate


39 years of customer service/education experience in the healthcare, retail, military, religious, and state government environments. 18 years of law enforcement and security experience along with 20 years of computer and communications experience.

Therefore, team concepts and process improvement designed to strengthen the associate, so customer service is at a mastery level = motivated and confident team members, great customer service, new and repeat customers, increased revenues and profits.

Professionally, the old management style “do it because I said so” is the news of yesteryear. We are in the age of individual empowerment as it relates to the diverse strengths and skill-sets needed in the team environment. I believe it is time for the arrogant and overbearing managers who are rude and unprofessional to their team to step out of the way. Servant leadership must be revived and cockiness replaced with confidence.

It is important to challenge the status quo, and have a strong sense of urgency.

  1. Build relationships
  2. Be an influence on knowledge, wisdom, and expertise
  3. Embrace accountability, excellence, integrity, and teamwork

However, I have been in church since 1972, and these years have been the most important! God has been faithful to His Word when I was unfaithful. He has been long-suffering, and a kind Shepherd. God’s Word speaks often of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, learning, and teaching. It is a privilege to learn from the Bible each day. God has started a good work in my life, and He will perform it!


Born Again, married, 11 grandchildren, Preacher/ Teacher, Lover of God’s Word, Army/Air Force, M.Ed, D.Min.