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Would you like to invite Dr. Don Porter to speak at your church or to your group?

Dr. Porter is available for pulpit supply, revival meetings, and Bible Conferences. He can also conduct seminars on topics that will edify the saints of a local church.

Dr. Porter accepts meetings on a “love offering” basis without consideration of the size of the church or group. He does ask that the church or group provide him with meals and lodging for the length of the meeting.

When preaching in churches he is always happy to:

  • Make visits
  • Distribute handbills
  • Participate with general canvasing
  • Help promote the meeting as the church sees need
  • Assist the Pastor in other areas

Dr. Porter’s focus:

  • Biblical authority
  • Christ as the Supreme Head of the Church
  • God’s Word is sufficient, the Perfect Preacher, can stand alone, is powerful, and doesn’t need to be defended Hebrews 4:12
  • Preach God’s Word not man’s preferences
  • No BIG I’s or little u’s

Galatians 6:1