Biden is a fraud



Exec What? Biden a Fraud? Bear in mind that the States are the catalysts that protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Biden is a fraud and knows nothing of the Constitution and lacks the authority to demand anything of the American people. Biden is a fraud.
He can lose patience all he wants with us the people, but he lacks the mental acumen and expertise to perform his duties. Please, understand that we do not work for Biden, and he can bark all he wants. His threatened executive order, if issued, will be unconstitutional and unlawful. He will fail –
There is no shred of scripture that will invoke a response from us to the feds. on the COVID19 issue, simple. There has never been a national vaccine mandate – got to get the “ole” head out of the sand, Christians, and forget what you were taught, as a kid, about Romans 13 – (I’ve experienced the blind “governmental followership” taught by many in the IFB, as they forget “For there is no power but of God”)
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