Blog Reboot

  1. Is there not a cause from 1 Samuel 17:29
  2. Thou art the man from 2 Samuel 12:7
  3. For such a time as this from Esther 4:14

I still cling to the reasons for the blog but my approach may be different. Although, man’s attempt to stifle my call is ever present, pushing what I believe to be true from God’s Word concerning the usability of those cast to the side is a futile approach.

I must cling to the fact that God has a purpose for the burning in my heart. I must allow God to work in the heart of men and I need the courage to step out, whether man agrees or doesn’t agree.

God has a call on my life and He will equip. He has promised to complete the work! I must take personal responsibility and remember that faith without works is dead being alone. James 2:17

So, just a few minutes ago, I deleted several blog posts. The posts, I believe, are true and many servants could benefit. However, instead of offending the brethren who are unwilling to “study sensitive portions of scriptures” God has directed me to delete and save the posts for later use.

Please pray for me as I seek God’s will for serving as a Pastor, evangelist, or college professor. If you have resume’ talent and willing to share please contact me. I need to create a resume and cover sheet based on my Christian experience so I can submit to churches and colleges.

I covet your prayers!

Don Porter

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