“Christian” School

Are the Christian schools in our region actually Christian?

Right vs wrong, left vs right, black vs white, on vs off, popular vs unpopular, subjective vs objective

For the purpose of this post, objectiveness is the driving force intertwined betwixt the text. Are the Christian schools in our region actually Christian?

Colossians 1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.”

Preeminence: to be first (in rank or influence) Not just first, but first continually. Our Lord is and has the highest rank. Thus, we are His subjects, and all we do and or possess is under His feet.

Billy Graham said, “God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better.”

Therefore, here are a few suggestions for schools that tout the name “Christian” in their title: Oh, BTW, Christian means Christ-like — You may want to believe that before using the term, Christian.

Get rid of the following: Not an exhaustive list

  • Social-classing
    • So, you have money and the correct last name — who cares?
    • So, you have honor or prestige attached to your position in society — who cares?
  • Community status
    • So, you’re a doctor, lawyer, elected official, name brand citizen — who cares?
  • Cliques
  • The inability to partner with parents
    • The school is an extension of the jurisdiction of the home
  • Spiritual anemia
  • Ecumenicalism
  • Irreligion
  • Godlessness
  • Bias
  • 3 things God hates, found in Proverbs 6
    • Proud look
    • A false witness that speaks lies
    • He that soweth discord among brethren

Now that some rubbish has been removed, how about some changes that will glorify God! Remember Preeminence?

  • God’s Word is first
  • God is preeminent in the curriculum
  • God is preeminent in the sports
  • God is preeminent in the “arts” programs
  • God is preeminent with the teachers
  • God is preeminent with the administration
  • God is preeminent with the board
  • God is preeminent with the students
  • God is preeminent in the plan of Salvation
  • God is preeminent in the use of policies and procedures
  • God is preeminent in forgiveness and restoration

What’s next? Take an inventory of the school you are associated with and strive to make a change. There is a great need in our region for true Christian schools that desire to put God and His Word first. It’s a sad day in Christian education when an event closes without offering the plan of salvation to the attendees.

Bottom line: filthy rags are the best that any of us can offer to God.


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