Consider Thyself

Be careful Christian! God’s purpose is greater than our purpose and even our sin.
4 women in Jesus’ family tree
Tamar: Incest, immorality, feigned prostitution, a Gentile
Rahab: Harlotry, lying, deception, a Canaanite
Ruth: A woman from Moab—a nation born out of incest
Bathsheba: Adultery
Four unlikely women:
Three are Gentiles
Three were involved in some form of sexual immorality
Two were involved in prostitution
One is an adulteress
All four are in the line that leads to Jesus Christ!

Why would God include women like that in this list? But it’s not just the women. Think about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. They were sinners, too. Why include people like that?
Study to shew thyself approved!



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