Divorce and Christian Service Final


Well, if you are a local Independent Fundamental Baptist, these 12 posts on divorce may have caught your attention. This issue has burned in me for many years and I will continue to share what I have learned from God’s Word. What I share in the coming days may be very polarizing and I’m very aware of that result. However, I will answer to God for how I rightly divide the Word of God and you will do the same.

I have been in church for 45 years and local IFB after local IFB have all preached the same message about divorce and the Pastorate, “if you’re divorced, you are not qualified” I believe many church leaders have not studied this prevalent topic but rather followed in the footsteps of those in their chain of fellowship, so as, to skirt the issue. Kind of like a mama called preacher, deacon, evangelist, teacher.

Let me emphasize, the fundamental doctrines have no room for argument. Some of these are salvation by grace through faith, Salvation required a blood sacrifice, Jesus was that perfect blood sacrifice, He rose from the dead, He’s coming in the rapture to take us to Glory, eternal security, Jesus’ Deity, virgin birth, Trinity, and God’s Word preserved for us in the King James Version, to name a few. There is a difference between preference and conviction. The fundamentals listed in this paragraph are convictions and worthy of separation from a church that does not believe.


2 Timothy 2:15 is still true today! I, we, must study to show ourselves approved unto God. When we stand before the Great Judge, we will stand alone. We must strive to please God not a man!

I am, indeed, confident in what is in God’s Word on this issue that affects so many Christians that have been put out to spiritual pasture by a man, not God.

In love, concern, and the longing to see Christians made alive; I attempt this very controversial journey.

With an open mind and Holy Spirit guidance, study as I share a few important facts over several blog posts.

God Bless!



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