Divorce and Christian Service Part 2

Divorce, Putting Away, and the Pastorate – Part 2

While a very unpopular topic, among even the most learned and wise Christian, it seems that wisdom and much learning have clouded the vision of spiritual leaders. The unpopular topic is divorce. Divorce, the one moment in a Christian’s life, my life, that marks them as “unclean” in the circles of the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB). They now must live outside the camp in hopes of being deemed clean by the next spiritual leader with a different view.

I realize what my study has yielded is of little importance to those in my circle and may cause me unintended separation. However, the unction to share my burden is more important.

It is clear that divorce is not the will of God for a Christian; however, it is also clear that restoration is available to all that fall at Jesus’ feet. Faith, hope, and forgiveness aren’t just available to the Christian worker whose failures are hidden.

To rightly divide God’s Word requires that mental, spiritual, and physical adultery be considered. Does God forgive all sin, or not? It’s time for the haughty and high-minded preachers, teachers, and evangelists to consider their own qualifications based on Titus and Timothy.

God’s call is without repentance and does not need the authorization from a fallible man for endorsement. Many who have a call from God on their lives are on the sidelines! God forbid! When we stand before the Great Judge to give an account of ourselves, will our answer be, “Sorry, Jesus, I couldn’t do your will because dear brother so and so said I couldn’t?”

The work must be finished because countless lives are waiting for the call to be answered.



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