Divorce & Christian Service Part 4

IFB and Social Classing – part 1

Does the following apply to all IFB churches? Of course, not! Eat the chicken and spit out the bones.

Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB) are masters at hiding their own sin and elevating themselves to lofty heights.

Simply put, as long as you aren’t in the disgraced class of the divorced, all is well! Yes, those in the disgraced class of the divorced within the local IFB are regarded as outcasts with no usable gifts. I’ll go as far as to say that the local IFB will gladly ignore God’s call on a person’s life because the one called is in the disgraced class of the divorced.

The local IFB with much arrogance will ignore their own disqualifying sins at the cost of exposing and attempting to eliminate the faithful one called of God. Pastor, deacon, church member be sure your sins will find you out.

Apparently, God’s redemption and restoration only extend to the sins of the flock as long as there’s no divorce. Some IFB churches will boldly call out faithful church members by proclaiming that divorce and remarriage are adultery. Hmmm, this leaves no hope because this thinking carries the teaching of a daily unforgivable sin. Apparently, the IFB has a cookie-cutter approach to remarriage.



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