Divorce and Christian Service Part 6

Disregard Man’s View; Follow God’s Call  Part 1

Consider the roll call of God’s imperfect heroes:

The talent pool has always been pretty thin when it comes to moral perfection.

  1. Noah got drunk.
  2. Abraham lied about his wife.
  3. Jacob was a deceiver.
  4. Moses murdered an Egyptian.
  5. Gideon Feared
  6. King Saul had a séance with a witch.
  7. Rahab was a harlot.
  8. Samson had serious problems with lust and anger.
  9. David who was an adulterer/murderer
  10. Jonah ran from God
  11. Paul persecuted the church.
  12. Peter denied Christ.
  13. The disciples fell asleep while praying
  14. Martha worried about everything
  15. Zacchaeus was too small
  16. And Lazarus was dead

I have learned over the years that many things taught to me in the church weren’t necessarily truthful. No intentional deceit by Pastors, but they followed what they had “always heard”, thus; followed the majority without studying issues for themselves. So, those who tout the characteristics and attributes laid out in the Bible as the “all in all” ticket of coronation to an office or position in the church should inspect their life.

No one can follow all the characteristics of a pastor or deacon while in this flesh. Based on that, all should abdicate their position in the church. Within the circles of the IFB church no pastor, teacher, deacon, or evangelist is qualified based upon many pastor’s own defining necessities of the office. Layout the characteristics in Timothy and Titus and tell yourself you have always followed, without error, those stipulations.

Of course, you haven’t, nor can you abide by those without error or failure. However, those you have failed in, did you recognize the error and with God’s help work toward lining up with God’s Word? Can you look back and see victory? 1 John 1:9 just isn’t just for the unseen sin that those in church positions are hiding and ignoring. 1 John 1:9 is not your calling card of justification to continue in your unseen sin. No, 1 John 1:9 is for the seen and unseen failures. This promise in God’s Word is a defining moment that allows us all to stay true to God’s Word and continue within the call we are called.



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