Easily Love the KJV

Easily Love the KJV: Because It Has No Copyright
The original crown copyright of 1611 does not forbid anyone today from reprinting the Authorized Version. It was only copyrighted then to allow the printer to finance the publication. For nearly four hundred years now we have been printing millions of copies of KJV’s without requesting permission from anyone. Over eight hundred million copies of the Authorized Version have been printed without anyone paying royalties. This cannot be said of any of the new translations.
The new “bibles” are the work of MEN, but the KJV is a divine work of the Holy Spirit. The term “Authorized” has traditionally been applied to the King James Version alone, for this is the one Book that the Holy Spirit has blessed and used for so long. The fact that it bears no copyright allows printing ministries throughout the world to print millions of copies each year for the mission field. I know the King James Bible is the word of God because it has no copyright.

That’s right! The King James Bible has no COPYRIGHT ownership! Its copyright is the CROWN COPYRIGHT which ALLOWS it to be published by ANYONE, ANYTIME! Without asking ANYBODY for permission!

“. . .but the word of God is NOT BOUND.”2 Timothy 2:9


Easily Love the KJV: One of the arguments against the KJV is the archaic words. This issue causes me to wonder whether Shakespeare is too difficult or are the old hymns too difficult to understand. Maybe we should change the ‘thees” and “thous” in the aforementioned? Oh, the carnal Christian would pass out from mental anguish if such literary works were tampered with. I wonder why the opponents of the KJV don’t use a dictionary for some of the alleged difficult words in the KJV. I think the bigger issue is the opponents of the KJV rely on their intellect instead of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For if they allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them they could step away from being spiritually discerned. Oh, back to the Shakespeare’s point. Check out this website: KJV Pronouns – Enough Said

If a person doesn’t believe by faith that God can preserve His Word and that the Holy Spirit can reveal the Word, then, I question whether that person has the faith to be saved. Truly, they must rely on faith in the finished work of the CROSS for Salvation and believe by faith that this miracle with the quickening and sealing of the Holy Spirit is sufficient for Salvation. Easily Love the KJV

Easily Love the KJV https://www.av1611.org/nkjv.html






https://www.scionofzion.com/niv.htm (NIV Infection)








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