Easy to Ask, Why!

As I sit in my power recliner looking to the NW through my window downstairs, the day is cool, still, silent, serene, and reverent.

It’s very easy and extremely tempting to ask myself, “why?” Wow, how easy it is to sit back and reflect to the point of feeling sorry for yourself while emotions are topsy-turvy. This is a very dangerous place to dwell; although, we all go through these valleys that tend to either refresh and refocus or cause us to rescind too far into ourselves.

So, how do we put situations and circumstances in perspective?

The first thing we need to do is to find an attitude of thankfulness. We all can find several things in our lives that will create a heart of thankfulness. The quickest way to run away from the blues is to be grateful for what we have not what we don’t.

Another important step is to think of someone else. Whether this is the physical act of giving or privately taking the name of someone in need to God in prayer. Lying in wait for the opportunity to be an intercessor for another is a high calling that many don’t practice.

Lastly, and obviously not the least, a humble and honest focus on the greatness of God is very sobering. Frankly, looking to Him puts us in our place, so to speak. Looking to God, first, before ourselves, will definitely affect our course of action. What does the change of course do for me? I think of God, others, and then myself last. My changed actions are not second thoughts about my needs nor is it a change of heart about my troubles. It is simply a redirection so these needs and troubles are dealt with in a Godly manner out of a pure heart not coupled with selfishness.

So, the next time you are burdened and asking “why”, think about what I’ve written.

Give it a try!

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