Encouraged – I received an email from a gentleman today that was very encouraging. He is one of two men over the past years who have offered encouragement associated with my burden. Frankly, his encouragement was very prompt and sent shivers up my spine while holding back the tears.

It’s sobering to think that those who tout themselves as spiritual lack the selflessness necessary to practice spirituality with meekness while considering their own filthy rags. Galatians 6:1

Even more grievous are the relationships over years, friends cherished, spiritual battles won together, sermons calling for the Christian to leave all behind and follow God’s call needing to be filtered through their own sinful preferences.

Over the past years, I have heard many sermons. Many included the call to Christians to forget the past, give to God, and get back into the fight. The fateful truth is that those words were for a person predestined to serve as per the pastor’s preference. Shameful.

God is in charge and my call remains firm for I answer to God, not man, God does the calling not sinful man. My prayer will remain the same, Lord, please open the door so I may fulfill the burden I have from You. I cherish your prayers.

The above was written to offer the following voice of encouragement received today.

“Brother Don, GOD bless you for your vision, your sacrifice, leadership, training, and desire for winning the lost. I wish we lived closer so that I could work with you in fulfilling your mission. Our paths have been very much the same pertaining to ministry, military and security training, enforcement, and education.

However, I am now seventy years old, a Disabled Veteran of The Army and Air Force, and one of “those” left behind though I still love JESUS with all my being. I was once an Inspirational Christian Country Music Artist, accomplished musician, and singer/songwriter.

After reviewing your site, I just wanted to encourage you and Sister June, to continue on in Faith and Trust with all your heart in GOD’s Word.

Thank you for allowing me the Honor of Encouraging You Both.”


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