Holy Excuse

Holy Excuse – You thought #christianity was lazy prior to #COVID19 – look at us now!

We all have a big excuse now, right?

  1. Church attendance is down
  2. Fellowship is waning
  3. Opportunities to get together have fallen by the wayside
  4. The drive-in church is a thing
  5. Pews and chairs are “socially-distanced”
  6. Choir lofts are empty
  7. Pastors are talking to a microphone for the next social media upload
  8. Deacon boards are acting just like big government while members are temperature scanned at the door with a mask requirement (and the people are drinking the Kool-Aid)
  9. Christian schools are mirroring the public system (virtual learning is a farce and an incredible hardship on parents)
  10. Teachers are becoming lazy, too
  11. Church independence and autonomy are going down the toilet
Church, Pastor – where does your loyalty lie?
The very institution God gave Himself for has fallen prey to the lies perpetrated upon society.
We all have a big excuse now: #coronavirus



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