I Love Israel

As a Christian, it goes without saying that loving Israel is not only a prerequisite but a natural part of life. God in His infinite wisdom, knowing we are fallible and possessing the requirement of motivation left us this to encourage us.

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

I’m thrilled that President Trump takes a stand for Israel! Now, let me say this, God protected us from Hillary Clinton by three obvious truths that cannot be denied and a direct result of God’s Hand! 1. President Trump won the election  2. God protected President Trump during the recount bid  3. God protected the President by the electoral college doing the right thing! Oh, by the way, if the scenario had been Hillary losing the popular vote and had more electoral votes the libs would be singing the praise of the electoral college. Don’t listen to the libs, it’s an illness.

The attacks on the President are endless and without cause, as we see from day to day. For example, the constant impeachment cries from the reps, who quite frankly, don’t have any usable talent that our country so desperately needs. Give me a call, I’ll do a better job! Anyway, their attempts are ringing a waste of time. I believe the big reason for the President’s successes is his outspoken support for Israel and the promise in Genesis 12:3. 

So, how about Israel. Come on WORLD, you can’t defeat Israel. The one true God is the protector of Israel. But, go ahead and waste your resources on trying to defeat her and you will learn that in the end, you have lost the battle and the war. 


Fighting about boundaries for Israel is, too, futile. The boundaries are set and can’t be changed. I believe Genesis, Numbers, and Ezekiel speaks of the geographical boundaries of the promised land. I don’t have time to turn this post into a study on eschatology but rest assured that battling Israel on any level, whether it be economic, social, cultural, or any military front will result in your loss. 






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