Is Your Ship Tossed

Is Your Ship Tossed? Matthew 14:24 “But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.”

Verses 24-33 is the familiar Biblical truth about Jesus walking on the water! I’ll offer a few observations that the Holy Spirit will use to guide you on your walk across troubled waters.

Very simple thoughts to follow:

In verse 24 we see that the wind was contrary. Sometimes the winds of life are not for you but against you

In verse 30 the Bible tells us that the wind was boisterous. The roar, violence, and loudness the storms of life bring our way, is indeed, daunting and will cause us to fear.

In verse 32 the wind ceased! Some of the other versions say the wind settled down. Incorrect, the wind ceased. It stopped! Safety is upon you!

Now, consider these:

  1. Sometimes God sends us into the storm
  2. God isn’t affected by the storm
  3. The wind will stop when HE says cease
  4. The wind changes, God doesn’t

Be encouraged!






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