Male Coaches — Female Athletes

I don’t have a lot to say about this issue but it has been on my mind for a long time. Maybe I’ll have this issue as a podcast with some discussion. I’d love to have some concrete information so I can wrap my head around this hang-up.

So, what is it with male coaches for female sports teams? I see some problems possibly circumvented if we trend away from the male coaching female sports team.

*Time for a small rant *

It’s like this, how about Vice-president Pence’ s policy: “You see, this week a Washington Post article about Karen Pence revealed that the vice-president will not eat a meal with a woman other than his wife. Those on the right are commending Pence’s marital devotion and moral fortitude, claiming that such a rule is a smart defense against sexual temptation. It’s an insulting view of men, a limiting role for women – we’re there to either entice or domesticate – and an archaic take on gender roles more generally.”

Valenti, J. (2017, March 31). Mike Pence doesn’t eat alone with women. That speaks volumes | Jessica Valenti. Retrieved January 01, 2018, from

The VP’s policy is awesome. The Bible does teach us to abstain from all appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22

Furthermore, is Jessica’s intended destruction of traditional marriage and the love between the MAN and WOMAN a platform to endorse promiscuity? It seems very porous and weak on her part as well as the “insulted men” and “limited women” to have their lives so shaken by one family’s decision. Grow up! By the way, we need more of an archaic take on gender roles. Born male you do male things; born female you do female things. It’s not possible to alter the DNA or the nature God has placed within us. However, with perversion being inserted,  ungodly roles are assumed upon the weak. I feel sorry for the children coming along who are experiencing predatory mind-bending by glory-seeking adults.

Ok, back to my thought. Are there no female coaches available to coach female athletes? Is the talent pool for female coaches limited? Do women have coaching talent? What precautions do male coaches take to protect themselves from predatory women? Maybe the male coach should have his wife present! (this one is for you Jessica) Are schools blinded to fact that this is a bad idea? Am I the only one or do other parents see this as a problem? Come on, men are physically attracted; you do know that, right? Are there stats to confirm my concern?

Seems to me, that the gender roles of men and women, as God has designed, really shine when common sense isn’t used.

My daughters will not take part on a team with a male-only coaching staff.

Look forward to your opinion!



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