Mercy for All

There was a Man who walked a road;
What would happen was foretold.
To the top He slowly strove;
The heavy cross was such a load.

On the cross, He was thrown,
But without one broken bone.
Spikes were driven into His hands,
By the hammers of satan’s fans.

The cross was plunged into the ground;
It made a mighty and horrible sound.
There He hung for a few short hours;
While, He, the Almighty released His powers.

In a tomb He was laid;
He calmly slept for three short days.
On the third He rose again;
With VICTORY over death, He did win!

He ascended to the throne;
Before He calls His children home.
Jesus is our true, true Friend;
He’ll be with us to the end.

The end will come so very soon;
When the saints shall reign beyond the moon!
In heaven, we’ll be forevermore,
To live with Jesus on that shore!

© 1980, 2001 Donald G. Porter, Jr.

All rights reserved. No portion of this poem may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.






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