Paddling Kids At School

Paddling Kids At School – From a 2023 report: Spank Spank 19 States still have some form of corporal punishment.

I spent 8 years in a public school and 4 years in a private Baptist school. Both institutions exercised the ole paddling. Oddly enough, I was thinking about this issue this week and it caused me much distress, from a Christian’s perspective.

As parents, we have thrown our children to the hungry wolves of public education, while carrying an earnest expectation of trust and excitement for the awesome education our little gems will receive. Frankly, public education isn’t a gift from God, but a tool of satan used against us through the agent of hate against God, the government.

Think about it! We only know what we’ve been told by the teachers and from school textbooks with no recourse for proving the information! We swallow this information hook, line, and sinker, especially in the science and earth science curriculum. Sharply, parents allow this intrusion into the minds of their children because they have been duped themselves. I believe God has done great and wonderful things that the textbooks have masqueraded as impossible. We will see that the science and earth science books were full of lies, one glorious day. Ok, I digress.

Paddling Kids At School – Parents are responsible for the discipline of their children, especially the potential for corporal discipline. Dear Christian parent, why have you allowed and endorsed the use of physical punishment upon your children by an ungodly system, public education? Muse upon the idiocy of how it “used to be.” If a kid were spanked at school another spanking would be waiting when arriving home after school. Foolishness and embarrassment don’t accurately describe the heinous acts allowed by parents upon their children.

Now enter the good ole “Christian” school. Well, come on, this is our local Church and we all love each other and muse over the Word of God with unity and fellowship. So, let’s allow some jack-legged administrator or principal the “authority” to spank my kid. Yep, you failed again, dear parent. Do not be afraid to own up to your responsibility, as a parent, and take control of your home, where you have authority, not the government, Pastor, or administrator. Dad, you are the Head of your home, take it back from the government and any Church leader who wants to interfere. Do not allow anyone to spank your child, especially a school, whether public or private.

Paddling Kids At School – The word “head” is used, in the Bible, to refer to the husband and Christ, not the government or a Pastor. Let’s all stay in our realm of authority.



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