Rule – I love the Book of Hebrews and the inspirational truths about Jesus is Better. Of course, the result of the inspirational ingestion should be that we become part of the Better.

While preparing for a sermon at Fairview Baptist Church, I noticed some underlined verses in my Bible from chapter 13. Trying to be a faithful steward of God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I looked at the verses and assembled a very simple thought for today.

The study of the Bible doesn’t have to be complicated because we don’t teach ourselves, but the Holy Spirit offers the Enlightenment as we yield. Therefore, the King James Version is sufficient and more than we deserve. It isn’t archaic and difficult to understand, but we are obstinate to the truth and unwilling to elevate our Godly thinking and analytical skills.

Now, for a few thoughts from Hebrews 13

  1. Brotherly love
  2. Marriage
  3. Conversation
  4. Doctrines
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Sanctification
  7. Exhortation

These 7 points are a quick look at chapter 13, but this driving truth from the chapter is what empowers the points in the list: Rule

What desire do we have to properly approach the 7 aspects of a Christian’s life from chapter 13 without the little word Rule? The message of the chapter isn’t that of over-lording, dictatorship, or an obstructionist approach to soul liberty. It is, however, a gleaning from those who have fought the battle and succeeded. Our spiritual founders and the wisdom they bring to the table should help us model, guide, and regulate our spiritual walk. Godly precedent and order must be the result of those who were our procurators if you will. They, by their success, help us manage our spiritual affairs, but we must submit.

Three simple points and God will guide you into all Truth

  1. Remember them which have the rule
  2. Obey them that have the rule
  3. Salute all of them that have the rule


  1. We need spiritual watchmen
  2. An account will be given
  3. Joyful profit is available

God bless you!




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