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  • Pastor and Authority Compilations

    Pastor and Authority Compilations

    Pastor and Authority Compilations – The articles of incorporation, by-laws, and local church constitution have become the founding docs over the Bible. Thus saith the Lord is our guide. Comparison: any law that isn’t vetted through the Constitution isn’t legal, so any standard imposed by a church should have support from the Bible. That is…

  • Government, Ordained by God

    Government, Ordained by God

    How Many Federal Agencies? Who knows? (maybe 400 – 500) Rest assured that we, the taxpayers, have no idea about the bureaucratic depth of our government. Yep, that’s just how the feds would like to keep it! Our government, in its purest form, includes 3 branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Government, Ordained by God –…

  • 501(c)3 Information

    501(c)3 Information

    501(c)3 Information – Good reading 501c3 ROMANS CHAPTER 13: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHO IS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY? SHOULD WE RESIST GOVERNMENT Romans 13 Heresy Refuted Church & StateRomans 13

  • If Pastors and Evangelists Won’t

    If Pastors and Evangelists Won’t

    If pastors and evangelists won’t sound the battle cry against the government and scream out as a much-needed watchman, then those outside the church will. If Pastors and Evangelists Won’t Pastors, Deacons, Church, Evangelists – attempt to divorce yourself from the porous protection and temporary benefits afforded by 501(c)(3). Do you even believe “and the…

  • Preach


    Preach – It’s extremely important that our churches understand this point: You cannot hide behind your tax exemption and 501c3 as protection for speaking out against the government. Therefore, as a Pastor, I will preach about the home, church, and the government. In addition, I will tell the church who the political threats are, and…