Pastor and Authority Compilations

Pastor and Authority Compilations – The articles of incorporation, by-laws, and local church constitution have become the founding docs over the Bible. Thus saith the Lord is our guide.

Comparison: any law that isn’t vetted through the Constitution isn’t legal, so any standard imposed by a church should have support from the Bible. That is the plethora of extra-Biblical standards imposed upon those in the flock who want to serve. Surely someone divorced, tattooed, or without the finest clothes can’t teach Sunday School, drive a van, lead in prayer, or sing in the choir!? OH, the Church is glad to take their money in the plate, though.

I’ve heard hundreds of messages over the years about the “gates of hell not prevailing” over the Church. Do they actually believe that? if so, why 501c3?

Pastoral Authority

You see, the preacher has authority if and only if he speaks the Word of God.  Let me say it even stronger.  The preacher has no authority outside the Bible – none I have no authority beyond Scripture; no preacher does.  The only authority I have is the Word of God.  To preach, then, is to preach the Word of God.  To preach the Word of God is to preach with authority.  To preach with authority is to command.  Therefore, to preach is to command.  And that’s what preachers are supposed to do.”


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