Thanksgiving Day – Diversity Not An Issue

When I think of Thanksgiving, my mind goes back to cold, clear, and frosty mornings at my grandparents’ house. The drive from home to the place where the feast would take place was filled with amplified anticipation.

Oh, I knew what was waiting for us inside that warm and cozy home. What was awaiting you ask? Well, I can’t help but think of the special drink made by grandma. It was always so good and the taste was invariably the same. Ah, it was a simple mixture of pineapple and orange juice but we certainly expected and enjoyed it. Oh, I can’t forget the pumpkin pies made of lard crusts and the wood stove that rendered the smoky smell always present this time of year.

I think about these days of serenity and togetherness. I knew who would be at the Thanksgiving feast and as a child looked forward to this time of getting away while delving into my imagination with cousins and friends.

My reminiscing could go on and on. However, the ease of those times was not encumbered by issues of diversity, political unrest, national safety problems, racial uproars, or sexual confusion. All that was on our minds was family and the time to get away to enjoy a respite free of any painful and afflictive circumstances.

So, as Thanksgiving Day 2017 has come and gone a simple reflection has stirred my being.

The family we enjoyed time with yesterday is nothing less than a mixed bag of political, spiritual, and marital representations. At the table, where we all enjoyed the food and each others company, were liberals, conservatives, churchgoers, those uninterested in Godly things, married, divorced, children out of wedlock, young people without direction, some with direction but not following guidance and the list could continue.

How in the age of over sensitivity and pansy driven offenses were we able to survive 5 hours together? The answer is God, love and the genuine care for each other. My job didn’t, nor anyone else’s included the task of “fixing” the indigenous and independent thinking of anyone in our company. Why taunt, prod, or intentionally create an atmosphere of disunity?  We all were very aware of our stand on issues that imbibe our thinking from day to day. I will say this, any issue that may have needed attention would have been respectfully dealt with. Rest assured, if my help was necessary and I was approached, much effort would have been given to be a true help.

So, having a Thanksgiving day, as a child, unencumbered by the cares of this world just to continue to experience that same premise at 54 years old is quite a blessing.

I challenge you to not allow the diversity and political correct buzz words drive your thinking. However, allow God, love, and genuine care for others to drive your thinking. Who knows, you may get the opportunity to honestly help someone spiritually, politically, or maritally.





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