Good Can Do

Good Can Do – “Weakfish” by Michael Dorn
“School reflects the best and the worst of what is in our society.”
  • Teachers, educators — we must prevent the fracture that is looming between good and evil. Yes, one bad apple can make the entire basket rotten.
  • However, the Bible says “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Which means that evil can be overcome with good!
  • It doesn’t take a village to raise our children, it takes dedicated parents willing to hold schools accountable. Safety, security, educational outcomes, discipline, and Godliness are resident responsibilities of parents.
    • Do not relinquish the aforementioned list to law enforcement, school officials, daycares, or other governmental entities, but fiercely cling to what is rightfully your obligation and authority.
  • We must extinguish the thought that those we elect, locally for our school systems, are our leaders. They work for us, and they must consistently be reminded of that and held liable and answerable to us. Nonetheless, the Bible commands us to pray for those in our government.
Yes, good can win!






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