Don’t Fall For It

Traditionally, for example,  AD 2020, and 68 BC are understandable by most of us. Well, for those who don’t understand, here it is: AD is Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ) and BC is (before Christ).

Besides, the aforementioned was taught to me as a very young child in public school, nonetheless. Now, this brief post isn’t an attempt to offer a thesis on the topic, but there is a current attempt to discredit AD and BC. If you will, the attempt is a direct attack upon Christianity. Why? To avoid reference to Christianity and, in particular, to avoid naming Christ as Lord. Now, the world has to experience another form of indoctrination. Don’t fall for it!

Now entering the stage are BCE and CE! Oh boy, another attempt by the world to soften and desensitize our attitude and approach to Godliness. Furthermore, another by-product is the increased hardening of the hearts of the lost world who need Christ.

So, what are CE and BCE? Common Era and Before Common Era — Frankly, it doesn’t matter how society and the government spin the reason for the change — The change isn’t necessary, so don’t fall for the smokescreen. Don’t fall for it!

Just as the illegitimate and unholy NKJV prances around as an “acceptable” replacement for the KJV (King Jesus Version), BCE and CE prance around as a similar attack upon Christ, Salvation, Godliness, and Christianity. By the way and while I’m here, some Christian schools in the area teach that the NKJV is as good as it gets, and there is no proof that the KJV is the Word of God. Therefore, the only proof that I see is the need for such teachers to have their “spiritual blinders” removed by the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t Fall For Either Tool of Satan

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