Pastor, Pulpit, and Politics

What is it about churches and seldom speaking on politics from the pulpit? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this problem.

Is there a fear of reprisal, retribution, or backlash from the members? How about from the community? I wonder if the network of connections from other churches is the problem. Ah, maybe the fear of losing 501(c)(3) is the hold-up!

Let’s stick with the tax-exempt status for a moment. Although tax exemption is a beneficial governmental perk, it should not prevent the preaching, speaking, or opinions about politics no matter the topic. I say, speak out against the government, politicians and even more during election cycles. If tax-exemption is lost so be it. Churches are glad to accept a government hand out via tax-exemption but balk at the idea of government advice on any other matters of the church. (Safety, security, accreditation) Interesting how money talks with much power and can fog our thinking!

Anyway, prior to the election of President Donald Trump we had Obama for 8 grueling years. —-trying to stay on topic—— Ok, as a Christian, I whined and griped about him for 8 years. Many Christians in my network moaned and groaned about Obama. We all had our ideas of what he was doing wrong or maybe right. (oh, we were peaceful…we didn’t invade the libs for supporting Obama by attacking them, rioting, burning down buildings, looting etc.)

So, what has changed? Where is the fervency of opinion now that Obama is out and Mr. Trump is in? We, as Christians, should offer great voices of support for President Trump and continual thankfulness to God that Hillary Clinton isn’t the President. Dear Christian, if you can’t see God’s hand on us by His offering us an opportunity to reconcile our country and quickly move toward spiritual healing, then, you are spiritually blinded.

The pulpits and church foyers need overwhelming voices of support for our President, oh yes, using the same energy used to communicate the lack of support for the 8 years of Obama!

We’re falling asleep in Zion, Christian. You better wake up your voices driven by thankfulness to God for the opportunity we have in our country!

What’s it going to be church member or Pastor? Hide behind 501(c) (3) or agree that God’s Word has 3 institutions, family, government, and the church?

Wonder if the apostles were shy about getting involved in the government? You know the answer.

Food for thought: Do the constitution and bylaws run your church? Does God’s Word run your church? Are you a state ran church or a church founded on God’s Word as the SOLE authority?

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