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Clown in the Whitehouse

The clown in the White House just brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce. The buffoon in the White House is the first president that has not engaged… Continue Reading →

Indiana Abortion

$2.1M grant to study pregnancy-related deaths in Indiana

Illegitimate Doctrine

2 Timothy 2:15 advises that we should study to show ourselves approved. Personal responsibility to God’s Word must be the focus, so our feet will be well lit by the Lamp! For example, why do churches, Pastors, deacons, missionaries, teachers,… Continue Reading →

The Church Constitution

–Thought for the day — however simple!– Isn’t it interesting that churches use the Constitution and bylaws to run the church? Incorporation is more like being in cahoots with the state — be careful! With shekels come shackles. By the… Continue Reading →

Gun Violence

Jeremiah 17:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? There you have it, folks. The reason for gun violence is clearly laid out in the Bible. I’m not going to… Continue Reading →

Pastor, Pulpit, and Politics

What is it about churches and seldom speaking on politics from the pulpit? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this problem. Is there a fear of reprisal, retribution, or backlash from the members? How about from the… Continue Reading →

Bring Your Bible to School Day: Bring It. Share It. Live It. Religious Freedom Site For Students

Bring Your Bible to School Day: Bring It. Share It. Live It. Religious Freedom Site For Students https://www.bringyourbible.org/

Camel or Horse

The flawed variable with all the unscriptural ordination councils used by local churches is MAN. WHAT? Sinful man applying the attributes of Titus and Timothy to a sinful man called of a Holy God. One man may qualify with church A… Continue Reading →

The Gratitude Of A Missionary

The following is from a missionary in the middle east that I admire! A truly Godly family! (names removed from the post for security reasons)   We are very grateful to God for bringing ******************* back safely from their time in… Continue Reading →

Me, me, me

The simple reason why our country is inundated with offended people is because they hate God’s Word. If they loved God’s Word then they would strive to obey God’s Word and the result would be less about them and more… Continue Reading →

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