Pastors and Sheep

Pastors and Sheep – I’ve heard over most of my church attendance life about how stupid sheep are, maybe that’s the problem in our churches – Pastors believe that the sheep are stupid and can’t traverse spirituality without them!

Frankly, the sheep are spiritually adaptable – they will follow the one who provides safety, sustenance and shelter.

So, Pastor, be cautious about how you preach concerning sheep. You’re not the make or break in their lives, give them a reason to follow. You’re the understudy (under-shepherd) of Christ.

You’re not the head of the sheep nor the church, but the steward. Do not attempt to equate yourself with Christ or even a king in the Bible, as some Pastors so arrogantly attempt. Trade in your view of Pastoral authority for Pastoral stewardship and protection of the spiritual flock and the Word of God.






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