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  • Shine On

    Shine On

    Answers in Genesis From: https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/starlight/seeing-stars-young-universe/ Shine On “So Adam had a light travel time problem.” There isn’t a problem here with Adam, we, today, have the problem – if you have Faith and believe in God’s Word. It definitely doesn’t require a scholar, theologian, or government scientist to understand God’s Word. Hebrews 4:12 is for…

  • Lessons From the Pause

    Lessons From the Pause

    From a Missionary whom I highly respect and pray for – Lessons From the Pause – Ironically, we are grateful for these days of lockdown here in Baghdad. It is allowing us to get caught up on much-needed work. After many months of travel and constant movement from meeting to meeting, we are enjoying the…

  • Failure


    Failure – From a dear friend that has gone Home to be with the Lord! Are you a failure? Failure Doesn’t Mean You Are a Failure Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure—it does mean you haven’t succeeded yet. Failure doesn’t mean you have accomplished nothing—it does mean you have learned something. Failure doesn’t mean…

  • Good Wednesday

    Good Wednesday

    Good Wednesday – A very succinct, engaging, and interesting message about “Good Wednesday”  

  • Pastor, a Head?

    Pastor, a Head?

    Pastor, a head? Spiritual food for thought, to grow thereby – it’s imperative to break away from the “denominational” status quo. Think about these things Be careful about authority in the Bible: Christ is the Head of the Church and the husband is the head of the home. (Head – same word for both positions)…