Pastor, a Head?

Pastor, a head? Spiritual food for thought, to grow thereby – it’s imperative to break away from the “denominational” status quo.

Think about these things

Be careful about authority in the Bible: Christ is the Head of the Church and the husband is the head of the home. (Head – same word for both positions) The Pastor isn’t the head of the Church, he is a steward. Church authority corporately, and then the Pastor, as he is a part of the whole.

Remember, Pastor, you are an under-shepherd, not the Shepherd. i.e. you are a continual understudy of the Great Shepherd – Lead the church members with this in mind.

June 27, 2021 update:

Our local churches preach about the gates of hell not prevailing, but they don’t believe it. Why?

They bow to 501c3, articles of incorporation, constitution, and by-laws.

All we need is God’s Word, period, and it’s time that Pastors get it together and for the flock to challenge the Pastor, when necessary.
The authority is in the Church, not one man. Christ is the Head and the Pastor a steward, simple.

I’m seeing many hurting Christians because of Pastors who run the church in concert with deacons to the point that the people won’t speak up or challenge the local church processes. Shameful

By the way Deacon, you’re not a manager or director of the local church, as some constitutions are written. I’ve experienced the negative effect of this growing virus in churches. Time to clean up the church.






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