Illegitimate Doctrine

2 Timothy 2:15 advises that we should study to show ourselves approved. Personal responsibility to God’s Word must be the focus, so our feet will be well lit by the Lamp! – Illegitimate Doctrine

For example, why do churches, Pastors, deacons, missionaries, teachers, and other lay people continue to scoff at the call on a divorced man’s life? *This is no laughing matter* Twice, since 2000, I publicly shared my call, and not ONE Christian or pastor cared enough about my spirituality, as a brother in Christ, to offer a word of encouragement or acknowledgement. 

Who is the Judge, God or man? Unfortunately, this illegitimate doctrine of disqualifying  a divorced man for the position as a Pastor or deacon is the brain-child of man not God. It has taken many years for my eyes to be opened to the truth regarding this detrimental church matter. For, I was once one of those who scoffed at the divorced Christian in the church. Shame on me!!!!!!!!!!! God forbid!!!!

Since my divorce, (don’t be scared to say the word) God has shown me the ungodliness in my thinking. Not every word that flies across the pulpit is truth and sound doctrine. Much of what is orated is preferential conviction without a foundation in God’s Word. So, you may be asking yourself, are all the churches that teach a divorced man is disqualified from the Pastorate, wrong? I may take it on the chin, but I say yes!

With this in mind, think about these simple observations:

1) First mention of divorce in the Bible, Leviticus 

2) The last mention of divorce in the Bible, Mark

3) The first mention of “put away,” in the Bible, Genesis 

4) The last mention of “put away” in the Bible, Hebrews

5) Neither divorce nor “put away” is found in the so-called qualifications (rather attributes, characteristics) of the Pastor and Deacon in Timothy and Titus

6) Come on, if the Holy Spirit wanted the issue of divorce to be a “qualification”, He would have led the writer to pen such in Timothy and Titus

7) One wife is 1 wife, period, no matter how you spin it dear Christian.

Furthermore, no man has in the past nor will in the future attain to all the Pastoral attributes and characteristics listed in Timothy and Titus. Pastor, deacon, you can’t choose one attribute from Timothy and Titus whereby to disqualify a man and miraculously give yourself a “free pass” on all the others!

I will continue to move forward with my desire for the office of a Bishop, a good work. Pastor, church member, deacon, I encourage you to rightly divide God’s Word and mete it out accurately and equitably. A few simple attempts at Hermeneutics and plain English will offer edification to the saints.

Addendum to muse upon: It’s possible not to perfectly follow through with everything in our walk with God and still please Him!

1 Kings 15:14 View whole chapterSee verse in context But the high places were not removed: nevertheless Asa’s heart was perfect with the LORD all his days.

2 Chronicles 15:17 View whole chapterSee verse in context But the high places were not taken away out of Israel: nevertheless the heart of Asa was perfect all his days.

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