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From a dear friend that has gone Home to be with the Lord! Are you a failure? Failure Doesn’t Mean You Are a Failure Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure—it does mean you haven’t succeeded yet. Failure doesn’t mean… Continue Reading →

Christians Reject the USA

PLEASE, watch this video – Donald Trump’s Bible Dear Christian, no matter how you spin your political, societal, spiritual, or worldview – we failed God. We failed to preserve and protect the gift God bestowed upon us the #USA We have… Continue Reading →

Obey Them

Christian, don’t be confused about “obey them that have the rule over you” as mentioned in God’s Word. It is preached out of context in many of our churches. It is preached by hardline 501C3 and ultra-pro tax-exempt churches to… Continue Reading →

Go Europe

Europeans understand real oppression and are reacting appropriately – I say, smack around your government – GO EUROPE! #USA a country full of pathetic pansies – We have NO backbone while praying to the gods of social-distancing and masks! #nomasks… Continue Reading →

God, Our Refuge

God, Our Refuge! The Book of Psalms

Why the USA is Failing — Fault of Christians

I believe whole heartily that God’s Word can stand on its own without our meager attempts to defend It. The Bible (KJV – King Jesus Version), takes our poor attempts at the exposition and performs a work despite our self-proclamation… Continue Reading →

NFL — Negligent Fools League

My intent isn’t to dive into a big rant about the Negligent Fools League (NFL) so will see how this goes.    Let’s start out with a video clip from the UK during a recent game: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dv5tSA-Z0g?feature=player_embedded] This short blog… Continue Reading →

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